martes, 20 de noviembre de 2012

The rights of the ugly

Manuel Antonio Velandia Mora
Exclusive for GayHills.Com
Noviembre 2012
It is not common that someone, when talking about his better half, tell us his partner is the ugliest he could get. It generally seems that everyone is lucky enough to build a fairytale romance with the most notorious Charming Prince.

Within the personal gallery of conquests which many gay men relate, the ugly have always had a discrete but significant contribution. I have never heard from any gay say great things about an ugly; things like: ¨ I got a guy ugly one!¨ are  not exactly the proclamation of success that many of them would express. In general, it seems that whenever someone is conquered or conquests, this does not mean that we are talking about someone who is extremely attractive. The question which anyone would ask himself is: ¨Aren’t there any ugly gays? Absolutely yes, not all gays are attractive, well-trained, well equipped, with money and good family, tall, blond, blue eyes and with athletic bodies.

I think being ugly in a Latin American country means having indigenous features, being brown, short, middle class, not having a "nice ass" or having a small penis. Some situations seem to enhance the beauty of homosexuals: study at a university that is considered upper class, attend certain clubs, frequenting some bars, wear certain brands, being an artist, politician or even be related to public figures, especially if they are in the show business, in this case beauty lays  in the links that a given person may offer.

To excuse what is considered little beauty in some people, the use of certain euphemisms like saying that the couple is intelligent, has a good body, good feelings, makes love very well, dresses so smartly, is creative, or simply has that  "I do not know what."

In the careerism and lack of self-recognition, we think we are less than others.

As contradictory as it may seem, the ongoing competition, emphasis on beauty or genital issues subtracting from affection, seem to be reasons why some people do not have the conditions to be well accepted socially.

For those whom these factors do not determine their relationship, life seems to go by in a simple happy way. For many foreigners who travel to South America or the presence of a South American in Europe, it is about the Latin idiosyncrasy which precisely is the conditions which makes them attractive to European and North American from whom the indigenous beauty is charming. Then there is the belief that Latinos have a great capacity for tenderness, dedication, respect and solidarity, which in contrast, is what I think of the Europeans.

This leads me to say that those in the local markets of affection and sex seem to have little success, they do not always face the same fate in the international market, probably because the gay space within their own areas are tired of their own idiosyncrasies and faces. It may also be, but I think this is less common, that we first learned that beauty is fleeting.

Many wonder whether they will ever find Mr. Right, beautiful just like a Hollywood actor. What we should question is whether they want to have an additional accessory to combine it with shoes and belt, or if they really need is to fully enjoy life with another human being.

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